Hrithik Roshan finally 'Breaks Free' for Krazzy 4! ~ FUNWORLD
Hrithik Roshan finally 'Breaks Free' for Krazzy 4! ~ FUNWORLD

Hrithik Roshan finally 'Breaks Free' for Krazzy 4!

They say ‘One needs to keep the best for the last’. Living up to this saying, is none other than the Bollywood’s very own ‘Midas Touch’ man, Rakesh Roshan! After having gathered praises galore for the two item numbers in his latest flick Krazzy 4, featuring none other than the ‘Madam Item’ herself, Rakhi Sawant, the King Khan SRK respectively, Rakesh Roshan, had till now kept everyone going ‘Krazzy’ with suspense about the final item number that has none other than the ‘Dance God’ Hrithik himself. No sooner everyone got to see a glimpse of the item song (esp. Hrithik’s look), the temperature on the ‘Expectation Metre’ has shot by unprecedented degrees!

The USP of this 'item number' is that both SRK and Hrithik have danced to the same song titled 'Break Free'. Talking about the song, the debutant director Jaideep Sen said, "It was a delight to direct SRK and I must say the song is getting popular day by day. Hrithik's song is on the same tune but there is a slight change in lyrics. He has danced brilliantly as usual and it shows! I am very lucky that two mega stars have danced to my title song for my debut film. Also, Rakhi Sawant's song is for the masses as she has a certain amount of class and is famous for her item songs. It was a great working experience with her as well!"

From the look of it, Ganesh Acharya, the choreographer of the Hrithik number, seems to have done a super brilliant job of it. The visuals of Hrithik in the song are a not just a treat to watch, but also a serves as a memorabilia for a lifetime! Hrithik looks… SIMPLY STUNNING!!! Added to that is the flame red background and costume that makes him HOT, only next to the Fire!

Knowing the business acumen of both, Rakesh Roshan and SRK, please do not be surprised if you find Coke and Pepsi sharing the same screen space as Nokia and Sony Ericcson, considering the fact that Hrithik is the Brand Ambassador for both Coke and Sony Ericcson, whereas SRK for Pepsi and Nokia! As it is, the curiosity to watch Krazzy 4 seems to be giving every cinegoer sleepless nights. Added to that, it's SRK V/s Hrithik V/s Rakhi (???) and the possibility of Pepsi V/s Coke, Nokia V/s Sony cannot be even ruled out! What remains to be seen is that Kiska bajeja b®and! BTW, for those who came in late, Krazzy 4 is hitting the theatres on April 11, 2008!

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