Google Phone Wishlist ~ FUNWORLD
Google Phone Wishlist ~ FUNWORLD

Google Phone Wishlist

Rumors of the up and coming google phone has been circulating around a lot these days. In fact, we have covered quite a few stories about it here in Mobilewhack as well. But with all the rumors, the phone needs to deliver to satisfy its target customers and not just rely on the hype that it's generating.

We've seen this article from gizmodo about the type of functions that the google phone should have in order for it to become a big hit, and even surpass the iPhone.

Tight integration with Google Apps: • Picasa: A 2MP camera with decent color and low light performance should take a shot, and upload it directly to your Picasa web storage as a mirror. Likewise for YouTube uploads.

• Google Talk: Both IM and VoIP makes this a fancy web communicator. The carriers may not like this, but we've got a feeling Google will sell this sans carrier. Oh, and other IM client support.

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