Google knol to rival Wikipedia soon. ~ FUNWORLD
Google knol to rival Wikipedia soon. ~ FUNWORLD

Google knol to rival Wikipedia soon.

So, its official now ! GOOGLE has decided to take on Wikipedia head on. According to an official statement made on the official Google blog, an online encyclopedia is being tested by google and it will be available for use pretty soon. The principle of this new project by google is pretty much the same as Wikipedia, except for the fact that, the contributers for the various articles on Google Knol will be ‘authorities’ in their respective areas of expertise.

So, we can expect well-written and professional articles on Google Knol. This is not to suggest that Wikipedia does not have good articles in its archives,but this move by Google is sure to challenge Wikipedia’s autonomy in this space. Google Knol will have articles on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from technology..history..entertainment..arts and so on! Each article will be rated by Google, as well as ratings by the readers will also be displayed. Readers will be able to contribute to the articles and will also be able to post reviews!

Wikipedia on the other hand does not see this as a threat to its position, as they feel confident about the quality of articles they have to offer. But I am sure, they will be taking this challenge from Google seriously ! Lets see how things shape up !! Welcome Google Knol !!

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