Top 10 Romantic Scents ~ FUNWORLD
Top 10 Romantic Scents ~ FUNWORLD

Top 10 Romantic Scents

If you want to indulge in love and romance then scents are perfect romantic gifts. Since time immemorial various kinds of scents have always been the most important reasons for bringing about love and romance in any relationships. When your sweetheart is sad due to some reasons then the only way to cheer her up would be by gifting her romantic scents. There are numerous scents that have been flooding the market recently and these also come in various odors. Bring a sweet smile on his or her face by gifting the most romantic scents. There are some scents that have a light fragrance while some others have a strong and irresistible fragrance. Everyone has got their own liking for various kinds of scents. In fact some take it up as a hobby and have a whole lot of collections of them. So indulge in love and romance with romantic gifts like scents and have the most enticing time.

Carolina Herrera:
These are romantic scents meant specially for men and give a pleasing fragrance. The elegant designs of the bottles attract everyone and this is one of the major reasons for people liking it.Bring happiness to your man by gifting this romantic scent. The wonderful odor is sure to attract anyone in buying this scent. This scent is of various types and you can use it to refresh yourself. The scent by Carolina Herrera has a combination of bergamont, watermelon, Black pepper oil, sandalwood and musk. The scent also has an amazing fragrance that is sure to leave you enthralled forever.

Revlon Charlie:
This is a great scent that has occupied a place in every heart. The romantic scent has a wonderful fragrance. This scent was introduced by the house of Revlon and has a sharp flowery fragrance. A feminine scent Revlon Charlie comes with a combination of watermelon, violet and jha. So just wrap up this incredible scent in colorful and attractive wrappers and gift it to your dearest one.

Christian Dior:
These are well known romantic scents that come in various fragrances. The sweet and aromatic scent is a favorite of everyone due to its fragrance. Make an everlasting impression by gifting this incredible scent. The romantic aroma of it will make you indulge in love and romance. If you want to spend a romantic evening with your loved one then opt for this scent that will take you into an unfathomable world of romance.
Fracas De Robert Piguet:
This is a popular scent that is well known due to its stylish ease and an attractive prudence of style. The scent has a refreshing and stimulating fragrance. While going on a romantic date just spray this romantic scent and go into the world of love and romance.

My Man:
These are fresh romantic scents by Terri and best suited for those who dislike strong fragrances. The romantic scent has a fragrance of citrus along with traces of bergamot. The musk is unsoiled that gives a shiny appearance. The scent is sure to bring you into the most romantic mood.

Kenneth Cole Signature:
This is a wonderful scent that is specially meant for ladies. The romantic fragrance comes with the blend of Grapefruit, Violet, Cardamom, Pimento berries, Papyrus, Smoky Amber and Water Lily. The scent when gifted to your beloved is sure to have a lasting impression and bring about a romantic relationship. Have a romantic evening with these scents.

Kenzo Pour Homme:
This is a fresh and fragrant scent that makes for a romantic feeling. The fragrance comes from a blend of Bergamot, sandalwood and Vetiver and is simply fabulous to be used everyday. There are other fragrances too that make the scent fantastic these include nutmeg, Musk, Oak Moss and Lemon.

Ferrari Passion:
This is a scent by Ferrari and the fragrance comes with a blend of Citrus. In addition to these fragrances like tobacco, leather and musk are equally combined to give it a more romantic feel. Spend an entire evening indulging in love and romance and make use of these romantic scents.

This is just an ideal scent for a romantic date. The scent has a floral fragrance and gives a true feeling of love and romance. These romantic scents are of various kinds that include Giorgio Armani Gio, Giorgio Armani Sensi, White and Black. All of them have an amazing fragrance that is sure to make your day ideally romantic.

These are great for a romantic day. This romantic scent comes in various fragrances and makes for a great feeling of love and romance. The fragrance of this scent comes with a mixture of peach, rose oil, sandalwood and musk. Have a great time with your dearest one by gifting romantic scents.

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