Top 10 Romantic Novels ~ FUNWORLD
Top 10 Romantic Novels ~ FUNWORLD

Top 10 Romantic Novels

Nothing sounds more exotic than to sit back and unwind with a romantic novel whilst experiencing the feeling of love and passion in veins. Although it began as a ‘romantic uprising’ in the long gone era of the 18th Century, romantic literature has still not lost its glory. Be it classic or contemporary, the romantic novels with the innate luster, with its subtlety and yes, with its celebration of the feeling of love and passion are the ideal writings to take you to the land of ceaseless romance.

Lose yourself in the land of eternity, love, passion and warmth. Rekindle your emotion with the top10 recent romantic novels and experience the feeling of celebrating the very concept of being in love.

Echoes: This is one of the top 10 contemporary romantic novels where Danielle Steel portrays the saga of love and war, faith and betrayal. Set against the dramatic milieu of history, Danielle Steel tells the story of three generations of women whilst entwining them with a resolute devotion which “echoes across time”...

Danielle Steel is a story teller and with her refined style and elegant approach she exhales life into history whilst making ‘Echoes’ as one of her moving account of an complex drapery of mother’s affection, daughter’s guts and that steady faith that actually sustained them even in the cloudy and clumsy weather.

Good In Bed: Jennifer Weiner tells the story of a young woman – Cannie Shapiro. Like a master story teller Jennifer Weiner portrays the very feeling of falling in love, celebrating that and finally running for that wrong man whilst being oblivion about that right person. The typical attribute of “Boy meets girl” storyline is offered a realistic twist in Good in Bed and is definitely one of the top 10 contemporary novels of sheer romance.

Blue Smoke: A creation of Nora Roberts Blue smoke is reckoned as one of the best sellers in the genre of romantic suspense. It is the saga of love, suspense, thrill and passion. The appealing Reena Hale being a very successful police investigator is unsuccessful in her love life. Mystery, revenge and an interest to find love is the central plot of the novel. You have to read this book to understand the other side of romance.

Fire In The Ice: Katlyn Stewart weaves the magic of love, passion and obsession in an eloquent way. This is a passionate love story of an enchanting love. Set in the backdrop of today's America, Fire in Ice is designed for today’s readers.

At First Sight: A sensual creation of Nicholas Sparks, it is the story of an extrasensory grandmother, an intrusive mayor and of jealous friends. Anger, jealousy, passion, fear and the fear of loss laces this novel whilst masking it one of the best sellers of the recent era.

The other side of Midnight: The elegant story teller Sidney Sheldon weaves the saga of love, betrayal, passion and treachery in the most articulate way. It is the story of dejection, the chronicle of revenge. Falling in love, betrayed in love and finally the idea of taking revenge makes ‘the other side of midnight’ a true reflection of the contemporary society.

Heartbeat: A heart touching story by Danielle Steel is the saga of falling in love. It is the stunning story of two wonderful people and their falling in love. The collision of Thigpen and Townshed at the supermarket matured into a wonderful romance… The broken marriage, the need of a family life and finally the need of the baby in life are all depicted in quite a matured way.

Leather & Lace: Karen Wiesner weaves a romantic plot in the most lucid way. It is the story of a rogue finding his love. It is the saga of falling in love and proclaiming love. It is the chronicle of the metamorphosis of the shy next door girl when she proves that the design of the “leather & lace” can actually be customized.

With No Reservation: This is a passionate love story by Joan Bramsch. The story deals with the sizzling affair of Ann Waverly and Jeffrey Madison. Love, passions are ideally braided in this novel. It is the chronicle of stealing heart and keeping it safe.

Everlasting: A striking and sensual contemporary novel by Kimberley Roberts. The novel with its positive attributes of love will surely make you believe in the idea of finding your dream man ideally like the central character – Merilyn in the novel. Warm and sensual passionate love affair is ideally depicted by the author whilst placing love even larger than life.

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