Top 10 Famous Romantic Couples ~ FUNWORLD
Top 10 Famous Romantic Couples ~ FUNWORLD

Top 10 Famous Romantic Couples

Love is a feeling that brings people closer to each other. Watching movies is a hobby that interests some while some others are interested in reading books or listening to music. There are some who are interested in knowing about the Famous romantic couples and often keep a track of the latest updates. These couples are well known for their acting in the movies or for their beauty and attractiveness. Besides if the movie that stars these romantic couples is a hit then the people begin to admire them. The movie that stars these famous romantic couples is great to be watched anytime especially for spending your leisure time. Since the movies in which these famous romantic couples are present incorporate the theme of love and romance these movies are enjoyable and perfect to be watched by everyone. So get all geared up to know more about the life and relationship of Top 10 romantic couples and enhance your knowledge.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:
This is a famous romantic couple that people even to this day admire. A model turned actress Jolie was born in the United States and is considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. Her acting career began with the movie “Looking to get out” in which she appeared as a child along with her father. After being divorced she now has an intense relationship with Brad Pitt and this has fascinated people all over the world and also brought them into the limelight of the media. The romantic couples have two adopted kids. The couple has also starred in various films that have won awards. These include Mr. and Mrs. Smith in which there are bored married couples who later on realize that they are surreptitious murderers. Jolie played the role of Jane Smith along with Brad Pitt. The movie was a success. The people appreciated the chemistry shared between the two in the movie.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise:
This romantic couple has been dating and people appreciate their pair together. The couple had their first date on a plane while they were having their sushi dinner. It is also believed that Tom first proposed to Katie atop the Eiffel tower in France. While there are some people who believe that he proposed to her during a candle lit dinner while some others believe it to be on a bright sunny morning. Tom gifted her with a massive and stunningly attractive engagement ring. They both are also married and the marriage had taken place at Odescalchi Castle in Italy. The exact date of the marriage is not known but it is believed that they both married in Los Angeles. The two share a perfect relationship of love and romance.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony:
After having undergone two failed relationships Jennifer Lopez married the third time to Marc Anthony. Their relationship brings in charm and attracts most of the people. They had a secret wedding at Jennifer’s house in California. It was a four-day gap between Marc’s divorce from his ex wife and the wedding. Both were born artists and were very good at dancing, singing and acting. Both the romantic couples have gained immense success through their movies. Some of their movies include “Angel Eyes” that is a work of science fiction. It also stars Jim Caviezel alongside. It is also believed that she is going to produce a talk show.

Romeo and Juliet:
A play by Shakespeare this is a romantic couple that is well known even to this day. This is a Shakespearean tragedy that revolves round the romance between two young lovers. They fall in love and have to face a lot of difficulties in coming together but at the end both of them die. This is also a movie that had various characters play the role of Romeo and Juliet.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli:
Well known for his movie “Titanic” he was the only child to his parents and is a popular figure in Hollywood. Besides Titanic he has also acted in various other films that include Total Eclipse, Basketball Diaries and many more all of which gained him immense recognition. He shares a passionate relationship with his ladylove Rafaeli. A super model of Israel Bar Rafaeli her career began with her modeling assignment for fashion catalogues.

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell:
Born in England Craig has been in limelight due to his critically acclaimed movie Casino Royale. The media also gave him the name James Bond and he is called so even to this day. Although married with a child he is presently dating film producer Satsuki Mitchell. They have together been to a premier and have a great relationship.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward:
They are both famous American actors with a very long and victorious career in the film industry. They both have a deep sense of understanding and share a good relationship. Married in the year 1958 they have been together even to this day. Both put their best efforts and support each other to do better in life. They support each other in terms of career and this makes them have a good relationship.

Beyonce and Jay Z:
A famous singer Beyonce has been dating Jay Z. She feels that having him in her life has changed her attitude of a relationship between men and women. Writing and singing songs she enjoys every bit if life to the fullest. Sources say that marriage is on the cards for the couple. It is also believed that they both began dating five years back. They decided to begin their relationship with friendship. Although their family was not in favor of their marriage they later on felt it Jay was a bit serious about their marriage. They are still the best of friends and love each other.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe:
A romantic couple that has lately separated both of them remains committed to their family. At the initial stages it seemed that both the couples gave immense importance to their marriage more than their careers but later on problems surfaced and they got divorced. They often kept in touch with each other through phone and writing letters when they were far away from each other. They went on a first date after 5 weeks of their first meeting. They married beside a river in California.

President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan:
Being the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan was one of the oldest persons to be elected as the President. He won many awards and medals for his works. He made radio documentaries and shared a very intimate relationship with his wife Nancy. He believed in Christianity and visited churches. He was also the governor of California. He became well known when he became a Hollywood star. Nancy Reagan was the first lady of the US. It was after she completed her graduation that she became a professional actress. She starred in many films and won awards.

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