Krishnarjuna Worst movie of Year ~ FUNWORLD
Krishnarjuna Worst movie of Year ~ FUNWORLD

Krishnarjuna Worst movie of Year

Highlights of movie krishnarjuna:

VISHNU ACTING: Vishnu after series of flops except his Prev film Dee, he tryed performance role in krishnarjuna.Vishnu stupid acting ,his body with stomach hanging ,dance in songs … after watching this movie every one will tell only 1 thing "God plz kill me".

Mamta mohandas :Role is only to show body , she did good exposing in both modern clothes and saree.Few masala clips and beach songs you can see her almost nude with lip kiss.

Nag Acting: After Sri Ramadasu this time himself as Lord krishna.After seeing movie DON and this modern krishna role , specially his Beggar getup , you will not dare to see his movies again.

Vasu : Chandramukhi director showed his talent after his latest flop Maharadhi with NBK .Vasu plz dont make anymore telugu films and try to kill people here.Story was worst , stupid adult comedy , songs like his face…. Hope he dont get any more chances in tollywood.

Gone are the days when people used throng the theatres to see their supreme hero’s in action. The taste of the audience has changed. No matter if the film features a small star cast, if at all the subject and the songs are good, then no one can stop that movie from touching the success mark.
The same thing happened to Krishnarjuna. This movie is said to be much hyped due to its start cast. Vishnu, Nagarjuna and Mohan Babu ‘s appearance was thought to be the highlight of the movie and everyone thought that this would generate the required hype to attract the fans to the theatres. The pairing up of Mamata Mohan Das was also considered to be a mega highlight as this girl is presently one among the three hot and sexy girls who is willing to display her assets to any extent. First it is Ansushka and the second place goes to Mamta .

But the director of this film .P Vasu who made successful hits like Chandramukhi is said to have made this movie a big mess. Only three days have passed since the releases and the negative reviews are pouring in from all parts of the state. All say one point that Vasu made the movie flop. His dealing with the subject and the screenplay has made the movie flop .some fans of Nagarjuna also said that their hero was depicted in an idiotic way and so the movie is not worth watch able.

The same thing happed to Maharadhi which featured NBK in the lead. This movie which was released a couple of months back was also a super flop at the box office. Vasu was the director for this film. Some say that the creativity of the director is lost which can be seen on screen in his recent movie Krishnarjuna.
Neither the craze of Nagarjuna nor the cameo of Mohan Babu could save the film. Vishnu worked hard and gave his best in the movie. but the subject of the movie is so predictable and the taking of the movie has been plain and so the whole movie looks messed up. The budget of the film is said to be around 5.5 crores and till now the official collections are said to be around 4 crores only.
Its better if Vishnu forgets this films outcome and concentrates on the coming projects of his. His next film will be with Jd Chakravarthy which is almost complete. And he is about to began his next in Manjula’s production.

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