Independent Apple training centers form alliance ~ FUNWORLD
Independent Apple training centers form alliance ~ FUNWORLD

Independent Apple training centers form alliance

Apple has always allowed independent training centers to offer help, assistance and support on its products. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily tell you which ones are reputable, as they operate slightly outside of Apple’s purview. They are authorized to do the work, but Apple has never tracked their quality.

Recently, independent Apple trainers banded together in an alliance, which will hopefully make standards more equal and help easier to find outside the confines of the Genius Bar. Independent Apple trainers, operating as Apple Authorized Training Centers, have now formed what they are calling the Certified Training Alliance.

The Certified Training Alliance will give Apple users a way to find training centers near them for help. It will also provide a place where they can take classes and become a certified trainer themselves. Keep in mind that many of Apple’s newer products require a trip to the Genius Bar or a call to Apple Care for assistance or repair.

Apple’s decision to stop offering training at their facilities last summer put customers wanting to be certified in a bind. Since the only certification has to come from Authorized trainers, finding them was tough work. As of now, customers can find them via the non-profit Certified TRaining Alliance web site and receive their certification in:

IT Certifications:

* ACSP – Apple Certified Support Professional
* ACTC – Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
* ACSA – Apple Certified System Administrator

Pro Applications Certifications:

* Apple Certified Pro Level I
* Apple Certified Pro Level II
* Apple Certified Master Pro in Final Cut Studio or Logic Studio

Apple Hardware Certifications:

* Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

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