Celina Jaitley's Dubai diary! ~ FUNWORLD
Celina Jaitley's Dubai diary! ~ FUNWORLD

Celina Jaitley's Dubai diary!

"I love travelling," says the ever-gorgeous Celina Jaitley who was in Dubai lately. Having traveled around the world three times, Celina pictures the exotic beaches, deserts and bustling city life of Dubai with her recent visit. Of late, Burj Dubai (the Dubai Tower), a marvelous skyscraper under renovation is predicted to be the world's tallest structure made by man. From Dubai Museum to Grand Mosque and from Dubai creek to Ban Yas Square, Dubai is the city with a cosmopolitan style.

Bollywood Hungama brings you the enigmatic city of Dubai through the eyes of Celina Jaitley.

Draped in a slick black cocktail dress, Celina stands in the classiest restaurant on the top of Burj Al Arab in Dubai. "There is a strict dress code that one has to wear, as a result I decided to wear my cocktail dress," informs Celina. The restaurant is famous for its best line up of wines and the most amazing seafood steak. "I enjoyed gorging into the big gigantic lobsters at night" says Celina, who is crazy about spicy and cheese filled dishes. "I know it's unhealthy but I indulge myself at least once a year and can eat a barrel of fondues by myself without sharing it with anyone…that's how crazy I am about cheese."

This is Celina's favourite point at Grand Hyatt in Dubai, which she says has an excellent service. The place is also blend of various cultures, she adds. The greenery cultivated in the hotel interior creates a mini replica of an oasis thus alleviating the travelers from the scorching summers of Dubai. "I was balancing on the edges of the railing and could have had a big fall," laughs Celina.

"Well, I was scared out of my wits ends with cars zooming by at 200 km/hr on both sides at the Emirates towers," exclaims Celina. One of the main attractions of Dubai, this stretch has got all the important buildings surrounding it. The most fascinating fact about this stretch is its four feet width which one cannot figure out because of the way this picture has been taken. Celina further adds, "The sun was at its peak and I thought that I was practically gonna faint but it was too fascinating to change my idea of capturing the beautiful array of buildings behind and its beauty through my eyes. Everything about Dubai is marvelous in spite of being in the middle of the desert. Also at night, the Fair Mont Hotel changing ten different colors on this stretch is something enthralling to witness."

"I am a very impulsive shopper and like to buy silly stuff. Over the years, I have learnt to become a more sensible shopper. I only buy what I really need that includes a lot of clothes, bags and over a thousand pairs of shoes," confesses Celina. Well, shopping at Kabana, one of the magnificent pieces of architecture she bought quaint jewelry and handicraft objects. This shopping mall also boasts of some exquisite traditional clothes encompassing old antics scarfs, Persian carpets etc. Well, our shopping queen seems to be living up to her word. She goes on to say, "The architecture reminded me of Aladdin and the exotic sets of Arabian Nights."

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