Can cybersex really inspire new technologies? ~ FUNWORLD
Can cybersex really inspire new technologies? ~ FUNWORLD

Can cybersex really inspire new technologies?

A cybersex expert, yes, such a thing does apparently exist, has suggested that sexual fetishists and deviants, who use computers and the Internet to seek out their thrills, are helping inspire new technologies.

The woman is question is Dr Trudy Barber, who is a lecturer at The University of Portsmouth in England, and a self titled expert on cyberspace and sexual subcultures.

She is due to speak at the Sexual Pleasures’ conference taking place this week at the Royal Society of Medicine. Her speech is titled ‘How Cybersex Stimulates New Technologies’ and in it she will argue that people’s sexual inclinations inspire innovative uses of technology.

Barber has spent years researching the topic (what a waste of a life) and now claims to have enough material to put forward the hypothesis that technologies, particularly concerning the PC and Internet, are directly influenced by humans needs for sexual inclinations.

Tech Radar reports her as saying:

“People are inspired by their own sexual inclinations which results in some innovative uses of technology.”

“[Cybersex is defined as] computer-mediated sexual contact or technologically mediated intimacy. This includes everything from phone sex to someone literally being wired up to a personal computer server through which others in cyberspace can access and give sexual pleasure.”

“Computer technology touches so many aspects of our lives it’s really not so surprising that it would infiltrate and influence our sex lives. In contemporary Western society sex is for pleasure and for entertainment and computers will have an increasing role to play.”

“The role of deviation as a key to innovation must not be overlooked as it will contribute to our understanding of new intimacy, culture and the future of developing information and communications technologies.”

So is she right or just talking a huge load of nonsense to try and justify her life’s work as a cybersex expert?

Certainly sex helped the Internet grow from the realm of the geek to a place and concept which everyone uses on a daily basis. As soon as the Internet started growing, porn sites were the top of most people’s bookmarks.

And now we have places such as Second life, where a man can pretend to be a woman, and live out their fantasies. And of course social networks such as MySpace and Facebook are routinely used for sexual hook-ups and liaisons. So maybe she’s not as potty as I at first suspected.

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