Adult SMS

  • Rina: what is the difference between boys & girls? Seema-
    Boys are naughty, we are beauty, they've chest, we are breast. Rina-
    They've night falls, we've 2 big balls,they've a big pole,we've a big hole.
    Seema : They can fuck' we can suck. They are brilliant' we are pregnant
    and at last we are "LOVERS" They R "FUCKERS".
  • Dad, what does a vagina look like before sex?
    A pink rose with loveley details.
    And after sex?
    Boy, ever seen a bulldog eating maiyonnaise?
  • Bad wolf told red riding hood. Lift your top so i can suck your tits.
    No she said lifting her skirt.
    Eat me like the fucking book says!
  • This is a cock sucker detector
    Please blow in the phone..... .. scanning....
    The test was positive 90percent sperm breath...
  • There was a young girl from Wick, who asked her mum what's a prick, her mother said Annie it goes up your fanny and jumps up and down till it's sick.
  • what do you do if a irish man through's a pin at you ... ... you run cause he's got a grenade in his mouth
  • Jack & Jill went 2 the dairy, Jack popped out his big'n airy, Jill said "WOW WOT A WHOPPER let's go home & DO IT PROPER
  • little miss drugy sat in a buggy smoking a pipe of weed along came a spider skinned up beside her and sold her some acid and speed.
  • there was a young girl called heather,whos cunt lips were made of leather they made a strange noise that attracted the boys by flapping the edges together
  • ba ba white sheep grazing on sum grass when a maff official shoots it up the ass burnt by mornin fumes fill the sky less meat 4 kebabs & shepherds pie
  • *Newsflash*
    The FA have just announced garly gliter the next England Coach.
    The appontment collapsed after he tried to put seaman in the under 15's
  • At this moment 5 million are having sex 2 million are in gun fights 91milliom at a party and one sad fucker is reading this SMS
  • I'd willingly fertilize Mary, And watch for 9 months her shape vary, From the very first day, To the child-birth display, When her tits would turn into a dairy.
  • What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob? If we don't get some support people are going to think we're nuts!
  • What is the dumbest part on a man's body? The penis. It has a head with no brain, it hangs out with two nuts and it lives around the corner from an asshole!
  • I wish I were a ring Upon my girlfriend's hand, 'Cause everytime she'd wipe her rear I'd see the promised land....

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